Terms of Usage

By using services on our website, you acknowledge, accept and agree with all provisions of the Privacy Policy, including, without limitation, the use and treatment of the text, images, and other data you choose to input, upload, or store in CovidSciCom (collectively, โ€œContentโ€) and your personal information in accordance with such Privacy Policy.

You retain copyright and any other rights you already held in your Content before you submitted, posted or displayed it on or through the website. But you do have to grant consent when requested, as described below, so we can make your data accessible and usable on our platform. Other than this consented publishing and other rights you grant in these Terms, CovidSciCom acknowledges and agrees that we do not obtain any right, title or interest from you under these Terms in any of your Content.


While you own the Content you upload/ share or publish within the platform (subject to third party rights), you acknowledge and agree that CovidSciCom keeps the sole right to accept or reject the content submitted by you..


In agreeing to these Terms, you also agree that the rights in the shared content, including all intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights, are protected by one or more of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws, regulations and treaties, in addition to these Terms and any Separate Agreement. In particular, you agree to not modify, create derivative works of, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract sources from any data set.


We retain the right, in our sole discretion, to implement new elements as part of and/or ancillary to the platform, including changes that may affect its previous mode of operation. CovidSciCom also holds the right to remove the content uploaded by you at any time, with or without prior notice. 


We may from time to time include as part of the platform computer software supplied by third parties which is utilized by permission of the respective licensors and/or copyright holders on the terms provided by such parties. We expressly disclaim any warranty or other assurance to you regarding such third party software. 

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This Terms of Usage was last updated on February 26, 2021.