With challenges in the science behind the pandemic being explained with clarity to information sources considered credible, there is a lot to understand about the impact of Covid-19 on the practice of science communication and reporting. CovidSciCom is a global study involving practitioners and experts across India, Switzerland and the United States, in collaboration with Swissnex in India and Boston, Science et Cité and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences in Switzerland, and the National Institute of Advanced Studies in India.

Through this study, we aim to gain insights on how science communication and science journalism communities across various countries perceive and understand the influence of Covid-19 on science outreach and reporting, on communication to decision-makers and the general public, and the impact it will have on their work going forward. The platform sets out to strengthen the international network of science communicators and experts, and curate exchanges and opportunities with this community.

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Swissnex connects the dots in research, innovation, and education between Switzerland and the world. The network’s mission is to actively engage its partners in the global exchange of innovation, knowledge, ideas and talent and support such outreach.

Science et Cité

Science et Cité is a national organisation promoting dialogues between Science and Society through innovative projects. It advocates appreciation and understanding of all sciences and encourages feedback of the civil society to sciences.

Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences is a Swiss organization that supports and networks the sciences at a regional, national and international level. They are designated by the Federal Act to Promote Research and Innovation to promote research together with the Swiss National Science Foundation.

National Institute of Advanced Studies

The National Institute of Advanced Studies is engaged in promoting multi-disciplinary approaches to address the impact of scientific and technological advances on today's society in economic, social, historical and cultural contexts.

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Swiss it!

'Swiss it!' is a public diplomacy initiative that aims to highlight Switzerland as a global leader in business, research, technology and innovation through a series of Indo-Swiss collaborations.

The team behind #CovidSciCom

Project Lead:
Vidya Kamalesh, Communications Manager, Swissnex in India
Binoy VV, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies
Core team:
Sebastien Hug, CEO, Swissnex in India
Jonas Brunschwig, Deputy CEO, Swissnex in Boston
Anju Edgar, Head of Communications, Swissnex in India
Lionel Pousaz, Independent Science Journalist & Writer
Claudia Appenzeller, Secretary General, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Philipp Burkard, Director, Science et Cité
Tiina Stämpfli, Deputy Director, Science et Cité
Data Analysis:
Tobias Füchslin, Senior Researcher and Coordinator, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences
Data Viz, Brand & Website:
KAOS, India